Herbal Facial Oil 30mL

Herbal Facial Oil 30mL


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Herbal Facial Oil 30mL


Nourish and rejuvenate your skin with this gentle and calming herbal blend.


Suitable for dry and mature skin, Wildleaf’s luxurious Herbal Facial Oil delivers intense moisture to keep your skin soft and dewy. Skin enriching oils—lavender, rose, and aloe—firm and soften, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This lightweight oil is quickly absorbed and delivers essential nutrients that are vital for healthy skin.


Attain a flawless, glowing complexion


Facial oils are supercharged moisturizers that provide intense hydration. This is especially important for city dwellers who need extra protection against pollutants and smog, which are known sources of unwanted wrinkles. Facial oils absorb quickly and settle comfortably into the areas that need hydrating the most. Contrary to popular belief, facial oils can actually be great at treating pimples by reducing sebum production.




Organic jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), organic aloe vera herb (aloe barbadensis), organic lavender oil (lavandula angustifolia), organic rose oil (rosa damascena), and organic olive oil (olea europaea) in an organic virgin coconut oil (cocos nucifera) base.


*Note that the ingredients list is subject to change. Customers should refer to the product packaging for the most current ingredients list.


Directions for Use


For best results, use in the morning and evening, or as needed. Apply to clean skin or over serum. Pump one to two full pumps into palm of hand. Dab on nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. Blend with gentle strokes.


If you have sensitive skin, it’s highly recommended to do a patch test first.


Feel free to send us a message anytime if you have questions.


14 reviews for Herbal Facial Oil 30mL

  1. Junica

    I was skeptic at first to use this brand because i haven’t heard of it before and its price is quite expensive. But as i did my research and read the reviews, I got convinced to try it out myself. It’s hard to maintain a perfect 5 star rating, so it really does prove something.
    Before using the product i had a breakout and a lot of dark spots. I really didn’t like my skin that time. But weeks after using the ALCOHOL FREE MIST TONER, VITAMIN C SERUM, and FACIAL OIL (which came free from my order), i really noticed a difference.
    My face glows and my breakout stopped. My dark spots are not lighter than before, and i love how my pore is and how translucent my face is.
    Now I understand, it’s not expensive. It’s reasonably priced.

  2. Cheyenne

    My skin is getting better even since I started using the face oil. All my pimples are now gone! I can truly say that this product restored my confidence in myself. Thank you!

  3. Marites V

    This formula is light so it absorbs easily. My face has never felt so hydrated and plump.

  4. Eva

    Mail day!!! So excited to use them! Super love the Vit C + Facial Oil btw! Been using it for less than 2 weeks but I could see the changes it made to my skin. I think I found my Holy Grail skin care! Yay!

  5. Rydette

    Super love the Vitamin C and Herbal Facial Oil! Been using it for less than 2 weeks but I could see the changes it made to my skin. I think I found my Holy Grail skin care! It made my skin this radiant and not haggard at all. I am just wearing my fave highlighter on and sometimes I could go out not wearing any make up at all! It definitely boost my confidence to the next level!

  6. Dame

    I have been using the Hydration Care Set since Jan 29, 2018. The entire set helped brig back the balance and moisture in my skin. My skin used to be so oily and I was recovering from a cystic acne breakout few months before going to the dermatologist and using wildleaf. Wildleaf was the only product thay instantly worked well with me. I looooove everything in my kit – the Aloe Herb Facial Wash, Witch Hazel Rosy Toner,the Vitamin C Serum and the Facial Oil!❤️ Please stay in business forever!

  7. Erica

    At first I was hesitant to try it considering my skin so so much sensitive. Breaks out easily when trying new products. But here I am now, into this movement as well. Your products are so gentle yet have very powerful effects.

    I can finally say that I’ve found my perfect skincare. So happy that I’ve made the right decision in buying your products. Can go out now with no makeup and skin is brighter too! Forever purchasing your product!

  8. Belinda

    I use this in he evening before bed. It seems pretty oily, but I use it like a hydrating layer while I sleep so I don’t mind. When I wake up my skin is super soft and nourished!

  9. Terrence

    A little goes a long way! I just dab what I need and the bottle lasts me months!

  10. Kater Fernandez

    My skin’s improving as well because of the facial wash, vitamin c serum, and the facial oil. My skin looks healthy the next day! Thanks for the great products! Looking forward to try the rest of them.

  11. gfgillera

    I use this oil during the day and at night, and after almost 10 days of daily use, I can already notice a significant improvement in my skin. It’s no longer dry and patchy after wash, but feels so soft after applying. I didn’t break out or get a bad reaction at all – besides, it’s made with all natural ingredients! You don’t need a lot, a dot or two will go a long way. Overall, I’ll definitely repurchase this for daily m

  12. scerenaposh

    A+ for this! I can see my face looking all dewy and yet not too oily and haggard looking. I use this for extra hydration and make this the last step of my skincare routine. I cannot believe how great this product has been doing to my skin. Wow!

  13. ampi

    My skin has drastically changed. I look more glowing than ever. I apply it morning and evening if I feel like I need extra moisture. I feel like its helping me to prevent wrinkles and lines

  14. Keith Gap

    This oil moisturizer is my HG! I’ve only been using it for a few days & people already notice my face is glowing & looks healthier. My face improved a lot when it comes to getting oily during the day and I had lesser breakouts. It also feels so smooth and plump. You should try it!! Thanks wildleaf!

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