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A Journey of Discovery

Wildleaf began its journey of helping people optimize their health and beauty by investigating safe and natural skin care options.

After extensive research, we uncovered the shocking realization about skin care products; many brands use questionable ingredients in their products while customers are under the impression they are safe. As it turns out, the skin naturally absorbs many of the products we place on it with no meaningful way of filtering out harmful substances.

Unlike the digestive system, which has many various stages to process out toxins, the skin does not and compounds in skincare products easily absorb into the skin and bloodstream. Many of these ingredients are also irritating to the skin and are often the underlying causes for conditions like acne and inflammation.

We made it our goal to provide a complete line of truly natural high-quality products that are toxic-free and USA manufactured.


Naturally grown plants and oils are holistic by nature, and their minimal processing allows their integrity to remain intact and vital. These substances better absorb and nourish into the skin than cosmetic-grade ingredients because the molecular structure has not been compromised and hardened through high-temperature refining, decolorisation, bleaching and other processes.

This kind of harsh processing is found in many commercially produced products and results in devitalised substances that are not optimal for the skin. These ingredients are significantly less expensive and have longer shelf lives which are essential features when mass-market distribution is the force behind their manufacturing. Unfortunately, there are so called “Natural” companies that use many of these highly processed ingredients that mislead customers and often these companies don’t even claim the actual ingredients in their products.

We at Wildleaf are committed to bringing truly effective skin care products of the highest quality possible. Our preparation includes the use of wild-crafted or organically grown medicinal plants, food-grade plant oils and waxes, pure essential oils and a myriad of other special ingredients. All of our products are produced in small, frequent batches to ensure potency and freshness and contain no parabens, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde or sodium lauryl sulfate.

We source our ingredients from only trusted and ethical companies in the United States.

Charity Partner

Wildleaf is proud to be a partner of Tiwala Kids and Communities a licensed Non-Profit NGO and Social Welfare Agency committed to building strong foundations in the lives of underprivileged children and families in Legazpi City.

Tiwala Kids & Communities is a Christian Charity in the Philippines. Tiwala (meaning ‘Trust’ in Filipino) was founded in March 2007 and has successfully operated as a licensed non-profit NGO and Social Welfare Agency [SWA] under the Department of Social Welfare & Development [DSWD] for the past nine years. Tiwala is also under the umbrella of registered British charity, Links International UK.

Tiwala is based in Legazpi City, Albay and has reached hundreds of underprivileged children and families in both rural and urban communities since inception. Tiwala’s current target beneficiaries are the severely underprivileged children of Legazpi City, who either live on the streets or in the slums. Adopting a holistic approach, Tiwala runs community based programs for children, such as scholarship grants and basic literary programs.  Tiwala further seeks to reintegrate children with their families, by way of family strengthening programs and creating livelihood opportunities for willing families. Tiwala’s programs currently reach over 400 children and families, with a view to expansion.

A portion of our sales goes to help this amazing organization!