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The Essential Trios - (Serum + Face Cream + Facial Oil)

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The Essential Trio restores vital moisture and suppleness to dry, flaky skin while addressing signs of aging, sun damage, and environmental assault. The restorative benefits of this routine will be visible from the very first day you use it.

  • Balances skin tone
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Improves skin’s elasticity
  • Face Cream acts as a protective barrier for your skin
  • intense moisture to keep your skin soft and dewy

Fortify your skin care regimen and unveil more radiant, youthful skin with Wildleaf’s Essential Trio set.

The Essential Trio contains the following products:

  • Vitamin C Serum (30 ml)
  • Hibiscus Face Cream (30 ml)
  • Herbal Facial Oil (30 ml)

Trial Set contains the following products:

  • Vitamin C Serum (10 ml)
  • Hibiscus Face Cream (10 ml)
  • Herbal Facial Oil (10 ml)

*Formulations that complement each other deliver exceptional results.

Each product in this set works in harmony with the others to amplify your skin’s moisture levels like never before. These products are gentle enough for sensitive skin including those prone to eczema.

The Vitamin C Serum utilizes the most effective skin rejuvenating ingredients to form a highly concentrated antioxidant formula that protects and brightens skin while repairing the damage caused by acne, the environment, and sun exposure.

If you’re not using one, it’s definitely time to boost your anti-aging game and give your skin some serious protection. Our Vitamin C Serum increases collagen production, reduces wrinkles and acne scarring, and eliminates hyperpigmentation.

Moreover, applying Vitamin C Serum topically to the skin can prevent and fade brown spots due to the serum’s melanin-suppressing properties. Serums penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, targeting deep into the skin tissue. This is why serums are usually of a thinner consistency than moisturizers, which only absorb into the surface layers of the skin.

The Hibiscus Face Cream contains powerful antioxidants and skin-nourishing oils. Formulated for dry to normal skin types, the Hibiscus Face Cream acts as a protective barrier for your skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy by reinforcing the natural skin barrier that maintains the skin’s softness and suppleness.

Hibiscus has a near magical reputation in the skincare industry, as it’s a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Chemical forms of these acids can be overly harsh and damaging to the skin, but natural sources, such as those found in hibiscus, can provide the same benefits without the harsh drawbacks.

AHAs are known to exfoliate dead skin, control oil production, and relieve clogged pores—all of which can encourage fresher, younger, and smoother-looking skin. AHAs also boost moisture retention and keep skin looking firm. The hibiscus plant has high mucilage content, which makes it an ideal skin moisturizer. Combine all these properties together and you have a wonderful anti-aging ingredient that with regular use helps skin appear more supple and flawless overall.

Suitable for dry and mature skin, the Herbal Facial Oil delivers intense moisture to keep your skin soft and dewy. Skin-enriching oils—lavender, rose, and aloe—firm and soften, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This lightweight oil is quickly absorbed and delivers essential nutrients that are vital for healthy skin.

Facial oils are supercharged moisturizers that provide intense hydration. This is especially important for city dwellers who need extra protection against pollutants and smog, which are known sources of unwanted wrinkles. Facial oils absorb quickly and settle comfortably into the areas that need hydrating the most. Contrary to popular belief, facial oils can actually be great at treating pimples by reducing oil production.

Step 1: After cleansing and toning, generously apply Vitamin C Serum onto face and neck.

Step 2: Pump one to two pumps of the Hibiscus Face Cream into palm. Dab onto nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. Blend with gentle strokes.

Step 3: Pump one to two pumps of the Herbal Facial Oil into palm. Dab onto nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. Blend with gentle strokes.

Apply the serum before the face cream and facial oil to lock down the ingredients and moisture, as well as optimize effectiveness.

For best results, use it in the morning and evening.

If you have sensitive skin, it’s highly recommended to do a patch test first. Never put Vitamin C Serum on open wounds (ex: popped pimples.)

Feel free to send us a message anytime if you have questions.

Please refer to each individual product page for the ingredients list

*Note that the ingredients list is subject to change.


Natural & Organic Ingredients


No Harmful Chemicals


Free of GMOs


Never Tested on Animals

When using a new skincare product, especially those with active ingredients like Vitamin C Serum which you’ve never used before, introduce it slowly in the beginning to minimize the effect of skin purging. You can start with a small amount or use the new skincare product less frequently in the beginning, before ramping up its frequency of use.

Please read instructions carefully and send us a message anytime if you have questions and concerns. Thank you!