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Why Are Mini Skincare Products Going Big?

Besides their portable sizes, mini versions of highly-raved skincare products have much more practical applications than you may think. In this article, we explore more about the benefits of these products and why consumers choose to reach for these products instead.

1) Explore new products with ease

Gone are the days of diving into skincare products without doing even a little bit of research on their ingredients. With the help of the internet, a bounty of information is within arms’ reach. And when you’re feeling unsure even after that, you may find it difficult to invest in a full bottle of said skincare product. 

With the availability of miniature sizes of these beauty products, not only are you able to see if your skin is compatible with the formulations, but it also allows you to compare between products that you’re currently choosing from.

For example, Wildleaf’s trial size of the Anti-Aging Care Set provides you with four products, two of which are serums–the Vitamin C Serum and Shoko Dual Active Serum. The minis can help you distinguish between which is more effective for you through use, and if you end up liking both, at least you’ll know for sure that they truly work!

2) Affordable prices

We all want to have good skin–this is why it’s so important to find products that aren’t only good for your face, but would also be sustainable for your budget in the long run. 

Spending money on skincare products that aren’t effective for you feels like such a huge waste, which is why choosing to go for smaller sizes allows you the freedom to try out an item before completely investing in full sizes is a great way to save hard-earned money.

At Wildleaf, all care sets come in trial sizes–affordable options when venturing into new products. 

3) Travel-friendly

Packing toiletries for vacation or work trips can definitely be a tall task, especially for those who refuse to go a day without doing skincare. The convenience of using mini skincare products removes all the micro-tasks required when packing for a trip. Plus, they’re carry-on safe, removing the need to purchase additional baggage just because you have a few products over 100ml.

Pro tip: Always be consistent with your beauty/skin regimen, regardless of where you are. Choosing bundles like Wildleaf’s Care Sets makes it easier and more affordable when purchasing your go-to products for your next adventure.

In Conclusion, Minis Are Going Big

Looking into the future of skincare, it looks like miniature products are here to stay. Evolving from last-minute impulse buys at beauty counters, these trial-sized items will only increase in demand as customers continue to shop with more value in mind.

For a limited time only, Wildleaf is also offering its Christmas Sets with bestselling products in trial sizes, perfect for trying out new items for revitalizing your skincare regime in time for the New Year.

Wildleaf products are available for purchase on our official website at and on our official stores on Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop.

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