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These 20 Photos Prove That Instagramming Your Wild Photos Is Always A Good Thing!




These days, the most exciting part about traveling is being wild and adventurous and Instagramming the experience for the entire world to see.


Whether you’re just in the neighborhood, or you’re about to indulge in an out of the country trip, every moment is a moment to be shared on Instagram.

The only issue with this is the fact that not everyone knows about your wild experiences!

Luckily, the creators of the #BEWILDPH hashtag , Wildleaf, are here to showcase it to everyone.

I mean; that hashtag alone will take you to the wild moments mecca of the Internet. That’s exactly why you should jump for joy whenever Wildleaf crowns your fun photo: “#BEWILDPH approved!” Plus you get one of their natural products for free!


Check out the 20 photos that prove Instagramming your wild photos isn’t a bad thing!



1. How else would you know that this place in the Philippines exists?


2. Or that you could climb this high and still look confident??


3. And that you all can get stuck in this mountains and still make it look fun!


4. Extra points if you can jump as high as this!


5. Haven't seen giant Havaianas, here you go!


6. You can get your friends involved posing like this for an hour? What are friends for right?


7. Or your loved one.


8. Or under water scenes.


9. How else will everyone know you like to chill on the edge?


10. Or that you do underwater yoga?


11. You can show off your dance moves!


12. And more difficult dance moves!


13. Show that you don't back out on a challenge!


14. Letting people know that you are proud of where you are even if your'e hanging out alone!


15. If you can jump as high as the mountains, people should know about it!


16. Show them that all you want to do is collect stories and mountains?


17. And that you bring a cookie while you explore.



18. And to let everybody know that you don't need to travel to see yourself because you know where you are! Plus show off your fit body!


19. That while exploring all the possibilities, its okay to stop and rest and take a selfie!


20. And that sometimes you're a starfish.



What are you waiting for? Come join the fun, join the community! Be wild, Be Free and Get Wildleaf Products for free!

PS: Don't forget to use the hashtag #BEWILDPH

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