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The New Normal : Spa at Home

We are currently in the era of trying out new things at home because of the pandemic. Most of us are afraid to go out and get treatments from our favorite skin clinics so “Spa at Home” is very rampant these days. With all the stress that we encounter on a day-to-day basis, pampering ourselves is one of the best ways to destress and reward ourselves after a long tiring day or week. Face masks are our usual go-to treatment at home not just because they are convenient but because they also target specific skin concerns. Make sure that you know what your skin needs so your skin can get the maximum benefits! 

Face masks can help you achieve healthy glowing skin. This usually depends on the type of face mask that you’re going to use and the ingredients that comes with it. Sheet masks with Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid are the best because they help stimulate collagen production and hydrate the skin so your skin can look plump, soft and radiant after every use.

Face masks can help give you a clear and tight looking skin. Bentonite clay masks are the best way to go if you want to achieve a clearer and tighter skin as it is well known for its detoxifying benefits. Bentonite Clay’s electric charge can attract toxins deep in your skin so it helps suck out all the gunk including whiteheads and blackheads leaving your skin clearer and tighter. Clay masks are also known to help dry out cystic pimples faster when used as a spot treatment overnight. Don’t forget to finish your routine with a moisturizer or facial oil after every use so your skin wouldn’t dry out too much. 

Face masks can help regenerate your skin. Exfoliating face masks are your best bet if you want to hasten your skin’s turnaround time. These types of masks often contain AHA that helps slough off dead skin cells to reveal a healthier looking skin. Also, lesser dead skin cells means higher chance of product absorption. 

Face masks are relaxing. Imagine having a bad day at work or finishing the deadliest deadlines and then all you want to do is to come home, take a hot bath, light some candles and do your skincare routine before heading to bed. Just applying them on your skin for 20-30 minutes can take all your stress and worries away. It’s therapeutic in a good way! 


Let’s go and get that Spa at Home vibes with our Healing Clay Mask. It’s made with 100% all-natural calcium bentonite clay from Wyoming and is rich in silica and magnesium. Healing Clay Mask cleanses, balances, and remineralizes, leaving your skin feeling renewed and refreshed.

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