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The Essential Skincare Steps

The Essential Skincare Steps 

There are some people who can get away with only washing their faces in the morning and calling it their “skincare routine”. Unfortunately, that’s mostly due to genes and/or having a normal skin type. For those who are not blessed with either of those, a simple routine is enough. Here are the basic steps and why our skin needs them. 

  1. Cleanser 

Our slightly acidic skin acts as a natural barrier from harmful microorganisms, dirt, chemicals and other irritants. It also provides UV protection, prevents water loss and aids in wound repair. An impaired skin barrier then may lead to infections, increased sensitivity, dryness or dehydration and make skin prone to breakouts. To keep it in its peak form, cleansing twice daily with a low-pH cleanser is optimal. 

  1. Toner 

Different toners have different purposes depending on what the skin needs. They can balance the skin’s pH level, provide hydration, exfoliate dead skin cells, or prevent breakouts. Whatever the need is, each one helps prepare the skin and ensures the rest of the skincare products are absorbed properly. For best results, choose a toner without any alcohol in it. 


  1. Moisturizer 

Moisturizers used to be cream form only but not in this age. Today, “moisturizers” can be in the form of emulsions, gels or facial oils, each one suited to different skin types. They all have an important goal of keeping skin hydrated and/or moisturized; because a moisturized skin helps maintain an intact skin barrier. 


  1. Sunscreen 

The sun causes more damage than you think. Aside from sunburn and skin cancer, the damage from continuous UV exposure accumulates over time, causing age spots, premature aging and suppression of the immune system. Picking the right sunscreen together with proper sun protection can easily prevent all those harmful consequences. 

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