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Sunscreen All Day, Everyday!



With the depleting ozone layer, our body needs added protection from the harmful UV rays that the sun emits. However, we noticed that many people are still skeptical in using sunscreen. On a day to day basis, we are still encountering clients asking these common questions: Do I still need to wear sunscreen even if I’m not going out and just staying at home most of the time? I don’t get dark even if I don’t wear sunscreen, do I really need to use one? Do I need to use sunscreen even if it’s cloudy or raining outside? There’s no other answer than yes! It's common knowledge for some but others don’t feel the need or are just too lazy to layer them. If we have not given enough emphasis on the importance of sunscreen in a skincare routine on our previous blogs, we would like to take this opportunity to put sunscreen on the spot light. 


Wearing Sunscreen Decreases Your Risk of Skin Cancer. The sun emits harmful UV rays and damages the skin. If the damage accumulates, even if the skin has its own reparative process, it does not repair all skin cells. Thus, it may lead to skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen daily blocks or absorbs the harmful UV rays before they can damage your skin. 

Wearing Sunscreen Helps Prevent Premature Skin Aging. Aside from skin cancer, the sun causes premature skin aging which includes fine lines, age spots and wrinkles due to breakdown of collagen. So go on and slather some sunscreen to protect your skin and age gracefully!

Wearing Sunscreen Helps Make Your Skincare Routine Work. Many of you may ask “how?”. Sunscreen helps prevent skin discoloration therefore helping you achieve a smoother and more even skin tone. 



No one is excused from wearing sunscreen. As long as the sun shines, it emits harmful UV even on cloudy days when you feel like not wearing any. Up to 80% of the sun’s rays can pass through the clouds so don’t think twice about adding a protective layer on your skin. To be safe, use sunscreen with atleast SPF 30 or higher and reapply every two hours. Make sure you get the sunscreen suitable for your skin type because the more suitable your sunscreen is, the more consistently you’ll use it. 



Boost your skin by adding a highly concentrated antioxidant formula that protects and brightens skin, while repairing the damage caused by acne, the environment, and sun exposure. Adding Wildleaf’s Vitamin C serum and sunscreen in your routine would make a big difference in a short span of time. 


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