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Should you buy luxury skincare products?


Most of us have heard about luxury skincare products, many of which have aristocratic-sounding, European names. These products can be found in high-end department stores and luxury malls and typically retail for thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of pesos.


While some of these luxury skincare products contain fairly innocuous ingredients like retinol and salicylic acid, others contain ingredients that are nothing short of decadent, from 24k gold and white caviar, to crushed diamonds and other precious stones.


Sleek packaging and celebrity endorsements aside, are luxury skincare products really worth the investment? Do they really perform better than more affordably priced skincare products?


Not necessarily, according to numerous dermatologists and skincare experts.



  1. The premium price tags don’t always translate to premium effectiveness.


A heftier price tag or more luxurious ingredients list doesn’t always translate to a superior product. All skincare products should be judged based on their ingredients list, the amount of ingredients each product has, and how each brand formulates those ingredients.


While certain ingredients make it more costly to produce skincare products, high-quality ingredients should be found in a sufficient quantity that’s stable within that formulation.


When assessing various skincare products, focus on the ingredients listed on the labels. Ingredients are listed by order of highest concentration, with ingredients further separated into”active” and “inactive”. Active ingredients are “biologically active,” meaning they’ll trigger a biological change at the right concentration.


The higher the concentration of certain ingredients, the more potent the product—but that doesn’t mean they’ll be more effective at treating skin issues. Benzoyl peroxide, which is used to treat mild to moderate acne, is just as effective at 5% as it is at 10%; however, the higher concentration can really irritate the skin.



  1. You could be paying more for the marketing and packaging of the product than the product itself.


While some luxury skincare products do contain expensive, hard-to-source ingredients that work wonders on the skin, the truth is, some luxury brands mark up their products significantly due to the immense cost of packaging and marketing their goods.


Exquisite packaging, celebrity endorsements, and multi-million dollar advertising campaigns all cost a great deal of money—which means consumers end up paying more to help luxury brands maintain a healthy profit margin.


Many luxury brands also deliberately target their products to cater to the aspirations of an affluent clientele. The rich are always looking for products and services that will set them apart from the masses. Skincare products that contain decadent ingredients like liquified gold, crushed diamonds, and caviar aren’t necessary to achieving healthy, flawless skin, yet the rich will pay top dollar for these products because it certifies their privileged position in society.


  1. Very few clinical trials have been done on luxury skincare products.


You may be surprised to learn that many ingredients that are scientifically proven to revitalize and restore the skin cannot be found in luxury skincare products. Certain ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, have gone through countless clinical trials that have proven their efficacy. Surprisingly, many of these beneficial ingredients are conspicuously absent from the labels of luxury skincare products.


These brands often incorporate their own proprietary blend of ingredients into their products which they source from labs exclusive to them. Because they are proprietary blends, brands don’t have to reveal an exact breakdown of the product formulations.


Just as importantly, very few clinical trials have been done on many luxury skincare products, making it very difficult for consumers to judge if these products are able to deliver on their claims.



How would you know if skincare products—luxury or otherwise—are worth the investment?


As previously mentioned, it’s important to check the ingredients listed and their concentrations in the product. Shorter ingredients lists are usually better than longer ones, as a longer list heightens the risk of users experiencing skin irritation and allergic reactions.


It’s also important to do more research on the various products and the ingredients found in their formulations. Find out if any clinical trials have been published and read the results. Another great way to find out if a product is worth the investment is to read customer reviews. Many of these reviews can be found in online stores and on social media sites like YouTube.



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