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Pimple Free Skin in 5 Easy Steps

You might think it’s impossible to put that the words “Pimple Free” and “Easy” in the same sentence. Well, we’re here to tell you that clear skin is not out of anybody’s reach.

A good skin care routine should cover the basics: removing impurities, healing scars and blemishes, and helping the skin renew itself. Remember that complex doesn’t always mean effective – a simple routine done consistently with the right products and enhanced with self-care activities can make it possible for you to achieve your best skin.

Here’s how to do it:

Tip #1: You First.

As they say, the skin is a good reflector of overall health. The first step to getting rid of acne for good is to acquire a self-care routine that takes care of your body’s basic needs. Take time to listen to your body – what is it telling you?




Tip #2: Never Skip Sunscreen.

Ever If you ever find yourself asking the question “Should I wear sunscreen today?” the answer is always yes. There is no downside to applying sun protection as it puts a stop to premature aging and decreases your chances of developing skin cancer. No matter what the weather, never leave the house without your SPF!




Tip #3: Manage preventable acne factors.

Focus on managing controllable acne-causing factors such as stress, pollution, sleep deprivation etc. Balance your stress with exercise, get 6-8 hours of sleep and spend time doing things that you love.



Tip #4: Eat Healthy.

As they say, you are what you eat. When given the choice between processed and natural food, always go natural. Your body uses food to build and repair itself and honestly, wouldn’t you rather be made of nutrient packed greens instead of greasy burgers?



Tip #5: Choose the Right Skincare Products.

The hallmark of a good skin care routine is using the right products. Choose products that are not only proven to be safe and effective, but are complementary of each other.




Our Anti-Acne Care Set is curated specially for clients who want a pimple-free complexion. It is made up of everything you need to cleanse, tone, repair and maintain beautiful skin. All our products are made from pure, organic ingredients that are guaranteed to treat your skin as mother nature would.

Another beautiful thing about this set is that it is so simple to use. Take the day off with our refreshing Aloe Herb Face Wash. The anti-oxidant formula is infused with skin-soothing aloe, cucumber, green tea and chamomile extracts. After removing pimple causing oil and dirt, it’s time to use an anti-bacterial toner that doubles as an inflammatory agent – the Alcohol-Free Toning Mist. The mist preps the skin for the next crucial step – the Vitamin C Serum which boosts the skin’s natural rejuvenating properties.

Serums are supercharged with ingredients that bring skin back to life. They penetrate the skin’s deepest layers to repair and rejuvenate the skin from within. While they’re not exactly overnight sensations, serums do make the skin better over time.

Nursing a nasty pimple? The kit also comes with a special essential oil formula designed for the spot treatment of pimples. Meanwhile, the Healing Clay mask relieves the skin of impurities by pulling oil, toxins and dirt out from the pores thereby preventing acne and blackheads.

The anti-acne set is a healthier approach to clearer skin. It’s made up of products that are made from the purest sources and combined to give acne prone skin a second chance at life.



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