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Peptides: The Way To Firmer, Younger-Looking Skin

The stress that we encounter daily takes a toll on our skin which makes our skin dry, rough, and wrinkled. Peptides are not very common to some and are often taken for granted but offer a lot of benefits for our skin and are considered as one of the anti-aging must haves in skincare since it is an amino acid that helps stimulate collagen production. The result? Firmer and younger-looking skin. 



Helps Reduce Signs of Aging. Basically, collagen is made up of polypeptide chains so adding peptides in your skincare routine can help boost collagen production. More collagen leads to healthier and younger looking skin as it helps make the skin look plump and firm. 

Stronger Skin Barrier. Our skin is our body’s first line of defense and is usually exposed to free radicals from the environment. With the help of peptide’s collagen stimulating action, cells are amped up and the damage caused by free radicals to the skin can be repaired in no time. Strong skin for everyone! 


Soothes Skin Inflammation. Peptides have antioxidant properties and are known to help ease inflammation as it helps protect the skin while repairing it. 


Achieve a More Even Skin Tone. Because peptides tend to stimulate collagen production, as cells are amped up, it also helps in making the skin smoother and clearer. 


Keeps Your Skin Hydrated. As we age, collagen production normally decreases which results in fine lines, wrinkles and dry or textured skin making our skin look dehydrated. With the help of peptides, aside from stimulating collagen production, it also boosts the skin’s capacity to lock in moisture keeping our skin hydrated and well nourished. 



Clear Your Breakouts. Some peptides are antimicrobial in nature so aside from making your skin look firmer and younger, it can also help you deal with the icky breakouts. 

Peptides are smaller molecules if compared to collagen and can be easily absorbed by the skin to be used by the body. Try to add Wildleaf’s Shoko Dual Active in your skincare routine to help restore and maintain your skin's youthful appearance.  The elements of our peptide matrix work synergistically to diminish wrinkle depth and volume while reducing dark circles causing pigmentation.

Want to learn more about Wildleaf? Discover our entire skincare line by visiting our online store. You may also send us a message on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), so we can assist you on your skincare needs. To find out what our customers think of our products, click on #wildleafstory.


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