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Our customers share their inspiring Wildleaf stories




Unlike many other beauty and skincare lines, we at Wildleaf have never relied on celebrity endorsements to promote our products. Instead, we’ve allowed our premium line of clean and organic skincare products to speak for themselves. 


So far, our strategy has worked, and our reputation has grown through our clients’ word-of-mouth recommendations. Products like our best-selling Vitamin C Serum and miracle-working Healing Clay Mask have gained a near cult-like following among our loyal and satisfied clients.


Using the hashtag #wildleafstory, our clients have shared their personal struggles with their skin—including severe acne breakouts, dry and lacklustre complexions, and issues with hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.


After incorporating our products into their skincare regimen, many have reported positive results. While some noticed an immediate difference from the first application, others had to wait patiently for weeks while the skin purging process brought out acne, dirt, and impurities from deep within the pores.


No one understands the skin purging process better than 26-year-old Czyrus Bon, who’s battled acne, and its resulting scarring, since college. He admits that no topical remedies were able to address these issues until he started using Wildleaf’s Vitamin C Serum.


After the skin-purging process brought out “a few pimples” and deep-seated impurities from his pores, the condition of his skin improved dramatically. The redness and acne marks have faded and he now enjoys a glowing, dewy complexion.


@camsietan is equally thrilled with the way her skin has responded to the Vitamin C Serum. From the first application onwards, her skin felt hydrated and moisturized and she did not experience any breakouts.  


“What I love about this product is that it’s super affordable compared to all the other vitamin C serums out there,” @camsietan said. “And it’s all organic, so you won’t have to worry about all the chemicals that you put on your skin.”


Customers who’ve struggled with severe and seemingly untreatable acne breakouts have also raved about the efficacy of The Anti-Acne Care Set.


@keideekins experienced a severe acne breakout in December 2016. “My derma had me on regular facials but nothing was working,” she said. In January of this year, she purchased The Anti-Acne Care Set and saw a significant improvement.


“Best skin care purchase ever! I no longer feel bumps on my face, and my skin feels tight and dewy.”


Many customers have also reported on the many compliments they’ve received from spouses, family, and friends for their clear and radiant complexions. With less blemishes to hide, many have adopted simplified beauty routines.


@gilliebeannie used to wear “really heavy foundation” to disguise blemishes and pimples. After addressing many of her skin issues with Wildleaf’s products, she has since done away with the heavy foundation and now sports a mild BB cream.


These are just some of the many amazing testimonials we’ve received from our happy customers. To discover more inspiring stories of the lives we’ve touched, click on #wildleafstory.


Not yet part of the movement? Check out our online store and begin your journey to healthier, happier skin.


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