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LOOK: We Asked 3 Moms About Their Beauty Secrets and Here’s How It Went

They say being a mom is the best job in the world even without receiving a monthly paycheck. It’s something that’s tiring yet fulfilling and the happiness couldn’t be compared to anything tangible. Hugs, kisses, and appreciation are more than enough compensation for something that they do naturally out of love. As we celebrate and honor all the super moms out there this May, Wildleaf interviewed three amazing moms to share their motherhood and skincare journey with us. Read on to find out more. 

On the Essence of motherhood

Motherhood is not easy but it brings out the best in you. You’re the first person that your child looks up to, the first person they’ll call when they need anything or when having troubles, you’re their protector, their cheerleader, and their biggest fan. The list goes on and on. Moms portray a lot of roles in their lifetime but wouldn’t get tired of putting their best foot forward— that’s maternal instinct and it just comes naturally. Like motherhood, skincare products are also deemed essential as it helps nourish and protect your skin from free radicals to magnify your hidden beauty — just exactly what a mom does. 

Skincare time is “me time” 

We know how busy most moms are and we salute each and every one of you. Despite the busy schedule, you owe it to yourself to be beautiful in your own way. Feeling good about yourself helps you accomplish things that you never thought you could. Moms deserve pampering too. Keep in mind to allot at least 30 minutes of “me time” every day all to yourself. Treat it as a reward for doing a job well done.

Why it pays to have a decent skincare routine

Our body undergoes through a lot of changes during and after pregnancy. While it’s easy to say that the same skincare routine will work, it’s not the same for all. Many people might have lost count of the different skincare products they’ve tried to suit their changing body due to hormones. Expecting and nursing moms usually lean towards natural and organic skincare products as they are proven to be safe for babies. Great skin is not only achieved by having a good DNA but also through using the correct skincare products that will suit your skin’s needs. 

Best advice to all the moms out there and to the next generation

Being a mom might be a handful but always remember not to forget yourselves during the process. Full-time mom or not, you all deserve some free time to pamper yourselves and take some time to take care not only of your family but also your skin — you'll thank yourself 20-30 years later. Beauty radiates from within so in addition to taking care of your skin, find your purpose in life and find happiness in everything that you do. Take it easy and don't forget that 'You Do You'. 

Motherhood might be a little complicated because it is more than just giving birth to a child. To many, it is the most rewarding feeling a woman can experience in their lifetime. Our heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there who never fails to amaze us every single day! 

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