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Jumping Into a New Skincare Routine?: Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Most of us are currently stuck at home doing nothing but browsing the internet. Do you happen to come across a skincare brand that delivered results and been wanting to try it out? Many skincare enthusiasts are grabbing this chance to try new skincare products. Why not take this chance too and use these helpful tips to get you started? 



 Know your skin type. This is often neglected and overlooked. Choosing the right skincare product usually starts with knowing your skin type. Many people do not know their skin type so they tend to choose the wrong skincare products which could aggravate their skin or in turn, wouldn’t be as effective. Achieving great results depends on this because different skin types require different skincare regimen to cater specific needs. If you do not know your skin type yet, you may take online quizzes to help you figure it out. 


Know your skin concern. If knowing your skin type is the most important in starting a new skincare routine, this comes next. Choosing the right skincare product is highly influenced by this. You would want to choose a skincare product based on the skin concern that you want to address. Through this, you’d be able to get your money’s worth. 



Patch Testing. Many of us get excited when we receive our new skincare products and want to use them right away. Halt! Before you dive in, don’t forget to patch test the products on a slightly hidden area (just in case reactions occur) and the area most close to where you’ll be using the product. We recommend doing patch tests on your skin below the ear, close to your jaw. Apply the product and wait for 24-48 hours. If the tested product did not cause any untoward reaction, you may use it. Otherwise, you may try to repeat the patch test on the other side and observe. Don’t use the product if a reaction occurred. Introduce products one at a time--allow two days interval to be able to observe your skin’s reaction to the product that you just introduced. 

Slow Introduction. When using skincare products that contain active ingredients (i.e. Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, AHA), this step is a must. Active ingredients may cause Skin Purging which is an accelerated rate of exfoliation that may turn clogged pores into pimples and small pimples into larger ones. It eventually goes away but slow introduction may help make purging tolerable. Applying products on alternate days once daily and ramping up usage slowly until your skin adapts usually does the trick. 


Sunscreen is your bestfriend. Whether you’re using or not using any skincare product, whatever your skin color and skin type may be, applying sunscreen daily is a must. Choose a sunscreen that is suited for your skin type with atleast SPF 30. It protects your skin from the harmful UV rays that are mostly associated with skin aging and skin cancer. It would also help your skincare work by preventing skin discoloration, helping you achieve a smoother and more even skin tone. 

Learn to listen to your skin. If there’s someone who can tell if the product is working on your skin or not, it’s you. Normally, it takes two months for a skincare routine to take effect but you would also have to take into consideration that every individual is different. Observe your skin closely so you would know when to continue or stop the products that you’re using based on how your skin is reacting from it.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) is the most common skin concern. You may check our Brightening Care Set which is suitable for all skin types and addresses dark spots and hyperpigmentation caused by acne and sun damage. 

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