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Is Double Cleansing For You?

We usually end our day by taking off all the grime that our face has accumulated throughout the day including makeup. To most people, it’s included on their “one of the best feelings in the world” list because who wouldn’t want a clean, makeup-free face after a long day, right? When the skincare and beauty capital of the world introduced several skincare steps to add on our usual skincare routine, some of us did not have second thoughts and added double cleansing in their routine right away. But is it really necessary and is it really for everyone? 

What is Double Cleansing?

Double cleansing is basically cleansing your face twice. The first one is by using a cleansing oil or balm and the second one is by using a water based cleanser. Adding this skincare step in your routine is believed to help in removing excess oil, makeup and physical sunscreen effectively as they may cause clogged pores that may eventually turn to acne. 

How Often Should You Double Cleanse?

There’s really no specific time to do it but it is usually done at night to remove all the impurities that your skin has accumulated the whole day and ofcourse before you slather some skincare products on your face -- clean skin is always a must for better product absorption.

Is it Suitable for Your Skin?

Just like any other skincare product, double cleansing is not one size fits all. It still depends on your skin type and your skin condition (if you have any). If you have normal to combination skin, you may use an oil based cleanser with ceramides as these can help moisturize your skin. If you have dry skin, there’s a big tendency for your skin to be stripped off natural oils so you have to be careful in choosing your first cleanser. You may opt to use cleansing balms that are infused with shea butter, jojoba oil and the likes. If you have an oily, acne-prone skin, steer clear from using oils and balms and opt to use micellar water to remove excess oil and makeup. If you have sensitive skin, look for cleansers that have inflammatory benefits. 

Double cleansing may sound a bit of a hassle and time consuming but to some, it provides great benefits. The general rule is to avoid strong cleansers that can strip off natural oils and go for pH balanced and alcohol-free cleansers to prevent possible skin irritations. 

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