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Important Travel Skincare Tips

Traveling is stressful and can disturb your body’s wellness, particularly your skin. When you’re traveling, your skincare routine is probably your least priority. But if you’ve spent all that time getting it down to a science, you don't want a getaway to be the thing that knocks you off your game— leading to a breakout or sunburn. 

One thing you should know is that your travel skincare regimen should not be complicated and time-consuming. Wildleaf’s Trial Sets are available to make your trip hassle-free. 

Below are a few tips to maintain your skin health while traveling:

  • Keep things as similar as your original routine
  • It is best to maintain as much of your skincare routine as possible. Why should you change if what you're doing is effective? Maintaining a consistent routine is especially important for people who are treating skin issues while traveling.

  • Invest in travel size versions of your skincare products
  • If you travel frequently, you should get travel-sized versions of your skincare necessities. Wildleaf's The Basic Care Trial Set only includes Aloe Herb Face Wash, Botanical Toner, and Vitamin C Serum. This can help you focus on your actual needs, allowing you to pack and travel lighter.

  • Bring your “emergency” products
  • Usually, packing light is the goal. However, you should bring a few skincare products that you can use for skin emergencies, such as antibiotic ointments for small wounds, acne-fighting products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, and topical steroid creams to treat insect bites or sunburns.

  • Don’t just think of products
  • When traveling to a location with a different climate, you should also pack additional needs such as sunglasses or a hat if going to a place with warm temperatures and an umbrella or jacket if traveling to a cold place. These will mostly protect your skin from harmful pollutants in your environment.


    In conclusion, never assume that a few days of traveling won't have an effect on your skin. You never know what a small change in temperature, diet, sleep cycle, or environmental exposure can do to your skin. So the next time you plan a vacation, keep in mind all of the important details highlighted above.


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