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Here's Why You Should Change Your Skincare Routine for the Cooler Season

As the “Ber Months” come rolling in, the weather begins to cool down, affecting not only the flora around us, but also how our skin reacts to the environment. 
While the cooler season often means a change in our daily wardrobe, another important, yet essential, step that many seem to overlook is also in adjusting your skincare routine. Remember: skin is dynamic. There's no one-size-fits-all solution to achieving good skin, so it's always best to adapt to your surroundings and lifestyle whenever it's called for.
Skin Care Routine for Cold Season


In this article, we delve into three reasons why you should adjust your skincare regime for the sweater weather.

1) It strengthens your skin barrier.

Cooler air creates an environment that saps the natural moisture from your skin, which is why you often feel dry during the colder season. This, in turn, creates a weaker skin barrier that won't be able to protect you from external irritants in the environment.

Incorporating products that provide extra moisture and hydration can help remedy this by making up for the decreased production of your skin's natural oils.

Facial oils are a great alternative to gel or cream moisturizers when treating dryness brought upon by the chilly season. A great example of such a product is Wildleaf’s Herbal Facial Oil which contains enriching natural ingredients including aloe vera, rose oil, and more that combat dryness as well as irritation.

Herbal Facial Oil


2) It supports your skin goals.

You may have noticed that your summer holy grail skincare products don't seem to work as well as they did during the warmer climate.

This doesn't necessarily mean that they are no longer effective for you, as it may just mean that your skin currently has different needs as of the moment, which is why it's best to shift your rotation of products when the climate changes.

For example, you may have felt that foaming cleansers made you feel a lot cleaner during the hot and humid season, but you’ve noticed that it now makes your skin feel too tight when you’re in a cold environment. That’s because your skin will be less hydrated during this time.

A good practice would be to switch from a foaming cleanser to one with a more gel-like or milky consistency such as that of the Wildleaf Aloe Herb Face Wash to avoid excessive stripping of your skin’s moisture.

Aloe Herb Face Wash


3) It avoids the feeling of discomfort.

Nothing is worse than the feeling of having itchy, flaky, and red skin caused by the dry and chilly air. The chapped lips, pieces of skin peeling off–just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. Remember–preventing these skincare problems is much better than having to treat them in the end.

Adjusting your daily regime is a great way to stay hydrated and feel comfortable in your own skin throughout the day.


Nobody knows how your skin currently feels and looks better than yourself, so it’s best to explore and customize your regime according to your current set of needs. And if that feels too overwhelming, you can always start with checking out Wildleaf’s list of natural products that cater to a wide array of skin types.

In conclusion, it’s still best to be intuitive when it comes to your skin. After all, it’s one of the best ways to give yourself the love and care that you deserve, regardless of what season it is.

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