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Here’s How Your Fitness Level Actually Affects Your Skin

While searching for the perfect skincare products to achieve clear and radiant skin, we often tend to overlook another powerful method to achieve flawless skin–physical exercise!

Beyond gaining a toned physique and improving overall health, working out is a great ally to unlocking a glowing complexion.

Promoting healthy circulation, exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells while aiding in detoxifying your body. This increase in circulation nourishes skin cells, promoting regeneration and repair. Additionally, perspiration allows sweat glands to excrete built-up toxins, cleansing the skin from inside and out. Ever noticed a post-workout glow? You’re not just imagining it–that’s exactly what exercise does!




If you’re ready to kickstart your journey to fitness, joining a gym that offers a multitude of classes for you to try is great in figuring out what sort of exercise you enjoy the best. Remember, the trick to staying consistent is finding joy in whatever exercise you decide to take part in.


Rockwell Atletica


Take Rockwell Atletica located in Makati, for example. On top of boasting a top-of-the-line range of equipment and a healthy snack bar, they offer a multitude of classes and coaching sessions to help get you on track! 


Pop Pilates at Rockwell Atletica


This February, Wildleaf joined in on the fitness fun through a pop pilates class led by Coach Luigi Posadas. With a range of songs from Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, and more to keep the class going, this whole-body intensive was the definition of the phrase “beauty is pain!”  


Pop Pilates at Rockwell Atletica


Remember the post-workout glow we mentioned earlier? Well, that was definitely evident from the students of the class! 

To top it off, Wildleaf also provided skincare products for all Rockwell Atletica members to enjoy and freshen up after their chosen workouts, available in both the male and female washrooms. Make sure to check it out if you decide to drop by. (And tag us online if you do!)


Wildleaf at Rockwell Atletica


It’s important to note that the benefits of working out goes beyond just physical appearance. While great skin is a welcome result, the holistic benefits of exercise are undeniable. By prioritizing regular physical activity, individuals not only improve their skin’s appearance and physique, but also boost their mood, stamina, and overall quality of life–things that are definitely essential when looking to improve skin quality.

Learn more about the travel-sized skincare products you can bring to your next workout through this link or by visiting and @wildleafskincare on Instagram.

If you’re interested in booking a class or signing up for a membership with Rockwell Atletica, make sure to head over to their official website.


Photos courtesy of Pexels, Rockwell Atletica, and Wildleaf Team.

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