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Have You Found The One?

Looking for the perfect product that will suit your skin best can be a little tricky to some. While it’s a no-brainer for skincare geeks, beginners may be confused on which products to get and may start experimenting causing damage to their skin. If we have not stressed this enough previously, knowing your skin type before buying and introducing skincare products is very important as the effectiveness of your routine depends on it. We know some of you are having trouble with identifying their skin type so we thought of sharing with you our tips and tricks to help you understand your skin better and to help you figure out the skincare products that are suitable for your skin type.

The easiest way to figure out your skin type is by doing the Wash Test Method. All you have to do is to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and do not apply anything on your face for 30 minutes. Observe how your skin feels and how it looks after. Here are some distinguishing characteristics of each skin type: 

NORMAL SKIN TYPE. If you have a normal skin type, your skin is not too oily or too dry. You are in between-- a well-balanced skin. Pores are barely noticeable and there are few blemishes and imperfections. This is the most ideal skin type but not everyone is lucky to have this. 

The perfect Wildleaf product for you: The Basic Care Set. This set covers the basic products everyone should use when establishing a decent skincare routine. The Basic Care Set is designed to cleanse, hydrate, and revive your skin, giving it a healthier glow.

COMBINATION SKIN TYPE. If you have a combination skin type, as the name implies, your skin is a mixture of skin types. Your skin may be normal or dry in some areas while oily in some. Usually, the oily areas are the T-Zone which are the forehead, nose and chin. This is the most common skin type and sometimes needs different care per area. 

The perfect Wildleaf product for you: The Layering Care Set. It is a complete skincare regimen designed to repair, hydrate, and protect your skin. This whole set synergistically works together in restoring and renewing vital moisture and suppleness of the skin by addressing the signs of aging, sun damage, and environmental assault. The Hibiscus Face Cream is good for nourishing the dry areas while the Herbal Facial Oil will take care of the oily areas. 

DRY SKIN TYPE. If you have a dry skin type, that means your skin is producing less sebum if compared to other skin types. Your skin looks dull and may feel tight sometimes, fine lines are more visible with rough and flaky texture. 

The perfect Wildleaf product for you: The Essential Trio. This set restores vital moisture and suppleness to dry, flaky skin while addressing signs of aging, sun damage, and environmental assault. The restorative benefits of this routine will be visible from the very first day you use it.

OILY SKIN TYPE. If you have an oily skin type, that means your skin is producing excessive sebum if compared to other skin types. You are most likely to have enlarged and visible pores, glossy shine, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or other blemishes. You are prone to acne breakouts so excessive sebum production must be controlled. 

The perfect Wildleaf product for you: The Hydration Care Set. This complete skincare routine is for those interested in balancing the skin’s pH and promoting healthy cell renewal by reversing damaging environmental effects. The natural antibacterial properties of Herbal Facial Oil is great for treating oily skin, as its soothing compounds keeps the skin’s oil-water content in balance. This prevents the skin from producing excess oil, which clogs the pores and causes breakouts. 

SENSITIVE SKIN TYPE. If you have a sensitive skin type, your skin is prone to redness, burning sensation, dryness and may easily react to certain skincare ingredients. Most of the time, “less is more”. Try to stick to a basic skincare routine and choose only the products that your skin needs. It’s also best to know the skincare ingredient that triggers your skin so you can avoid them and prevent skin damage. 

The perfect Wildleaf product for you: The Basic Care Set. Then add other products based on your skin concerns. In example, if you have dark marks, you may add Hibiscus Face Cream in your routine to even out your skin tone. If you have an oily skin, you may add the Herbal Facial Oil to balance your skin’s pH. If you have an active pimple and other blemishes, you may add the Super Spot treatment or the Healing Clay Mask. The list goes on but the best thing to do is to customize your routine based on your skin’s needs. 

Knowing your skin type is very essential before starting a skincare routine. However, it changes over time based on your skin’s needs, age, environment, etc. There are many factors that we need to consider when choosing the correct skincare products for it to be effective and for you to achieve optimum results. Still confused? Don’t hesitate to ask us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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