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Habits To Avoid For Acne Prevention

Do you know that your habits have a way of influencing your skin? We’ll share with you today the habits that acne-prone skin types need to stop doing in order to prevent acne.   


  1. Over-cleansing 
The face should be only washed in the morning, evening, and after sweating on a workout. However, over-cleansing the face will only strip the skin of its oils, damaging the natural skin barrier. 
  1. Over exfoliation 
When done properly, exfoliation helps to renew skin and prevents acne formation. On the other hand, too much exfoliation, physical or chemical, can irritate the skin and also impair its natural barrier triggering an increase in sebum production and therefore, acne. 
  1. Lack of sleep 

The body needs at least 7 to 10 hours of sleep. Less sleep leads to an increase in stress hormone, weakening the immune system, which then causes an increase in inflammatory cells in the body, aggravating skin conditions like acne. 

  1. Poor personal hygiene 

Oil, dirt and bacteria ‚Äď factors that contribute to acne formation -- can accumulate on unwashed makeup brushes, pillow cases and bedsheets so they should be cleaned and changed once a week to prevent breakouts.¬†

  1. Over application of acne products 

Acne medication should only be applied on active pimples. Once dried up, the treatment should be stopped or else it will dry and irritate the skin, triggering new acne formation. 

  1. Touching/picking/popping pimples 
There’s a high possibility that forcibly popping or picking on pimples will only drive the inflammation deeper into the dermis, increasing the inflammation, causing more pimples to appear, which could eventually lead to scarring. 
  1. Poor diet 


An association has been found linking foods with a high glycemic diet to acne formation. Avoiding them and having a diet with a low glycemic index may help in having fewer breakouts. 

  1. Using comedogenic products 


Everyone’s skin is different and that includes skin sensitivities. What might work for someone else might cause clogged pores in another. An acne-prone skin should be wary of using skincare, makeup, hair care products with ingredients that could cause breakouts.  To get the best results, our Anti-Acne Care Set is recommended to help stop the formation of acne. 

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