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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait


Prior to investing in skincare products, we usually do a thorough research by reading and watching product reviews on the brands that we want to try so we know what to expect. Aside from doing the necessary research, reaching out to the skincare brand to ask the necessary questions that you can’t find online may help satisfy your curiosity. While it’s really exciting to try the new products that you just ordered, it could be a little frustrating when you notice that it doesn’t live up to your expectations right away. Well here’s the thing, there are a lot of factors to consider and oftentimes, it’s a waiting game. 



Not All Skincare Products are Created Equal 

It’s important to keep in mind that every skincare product has a different time frame to deliver results. Products that address bumps, acne, hyperpigmentation and large pores or anything that changes the skin in a cellular level usually need a longer waiting period-- around two to three months. However, there are products that can give instant results like moisturizers which can make your skin look plump after application, claymasks can remove white and black heads upon rinsing them and spot treatments can dry up your pimples after several hours of application or the day after. Knowing the estimated time frame of your skincare products to deliver results would save you from all the stress of thinking why the product is not working. 


Difference Among Individuals 

Skincare is not a one size fits all. There are different skin types that we need to consider and different skin concerns that we need to address. So prior to investing in skincare products, you would have to take these into consideration to be able to get the most suitable skincare for you. We have discussed this in detail in our previous post, Jumping Into a New Skincare Routine?: Tips and Tricks to Get You Started. In reality, every individual reacts to products differently. Some get results in just a few days, some months and some don’t. Obviously, skin with several concerns to address takes longer time than those with minimal concerns.  Take note that because of individuality, not all products that worked for others will work for you and vice versa. 

When to Stop?

Purging and breaking out are two different things. Skin purging happens in areas where you frequently breakout while a breakout is a reaction from a product and happens in a new area where you don’t breakout. Purging is an accelerated rate of exfoliation brought on by an active ingredient doing its job. So if you have clogged pores, they may turn into pimples. If you have small pimples, they may turn into larger ones. This eventually goes away within 2-6 weeks and skin gets better from then on. If breakouts last longer than 3 months, the acne you are experiencing is probably not from purging. Purging is normal when you are using products with active ingredients while breaking out is not. Getting a bad breakout is your go signal to stop the product completely as it would just aggravate your skin. 




We know it’s hard to commit to a new skincare regimen but patience is a virtue. Try a fuss free routine and start with Wildleaf’s Hydration Duo to balance the skin’s pH and promote healthy skin renewal while reducing inflammation to reveal glowing healthy skin. 

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