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Benefits of Layering Skincare Products at Night



Getting a healthy amount of sleep each night isn’t just vital to our mental and physical health, as it also impacts the health of our skin. While sleep requirements vary from person to person, most healthy adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep each night for optimum performance during the day.


When we go to bed at night, it isn’t just our minds and bodies that are being renewed, as our skin also undergoes a complex restoration process. Skin cell regeneration is slightly faster in the evening than during the day, with the latest research stating that skin cell regeneration nearly doubles in the evening, peaking between the hours of 11PM and 4AM.


In other words, if you want to achieve glowing and youthful skin, it’s best to hit the sheets by 10PM. And while good sleep hygiene is vital to keeping your skin youthful and resilient, you’ll need to complement this with a restorative night-time skincare routine.






Repair your skin by layering the right skincare products at night.


During daylight hours, our skin works hard to protect itself from the ravages of environmental pollution, the sun’s UV rays, general wear and tear, and stress. At night, while we slumber, our skin is given the chance to repair and regenerate itself—and the right skincare routine can help along the process.


Cell mitosis, which is cell division that renews and repairs the skin, is at its peak between 11PM and midnight, regardless of whether you’re slumbering or not. This is when skin cells need restorative nutrients the most and when anti-aging skincare products have maximum impact.





To prep your skin, start by detoxifying and cleansing with a gentle but effective face cleanser. This will remove dirt, grime, and environmental pollutants from your pores. Wildleaf’s Aloe Herb Face Wash—which is blended with powerful antioxidants and nourishing herbs—is up for the task, as it nourishes and hydrates the skin, bringing it back to balance.


Next, you’ll need to tone and hydrate your skin with the right toner to enhance the absorption of all subsequent products.  The Alcohol-Free Toning Mist contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that fight off acne-causing bacteria, prepping your skin for the restorative “layering process”.


Aside from being more receptive to active ingredients, your skin is also more porous during the wee hours, making it the ideal time to layer nutrient-packed serums, oils, and moisturizers. Wildleaf’s Vitamin C Serum contains active ingredients that brighten dull and pigmented skin. It also repairs the damage caused by acne, the environment, and sun exposure. Applying the serum after cleansing and toning will allow its concentrated ingredients to seep deep into your skin’s layers, facilitating the regenerative process.


The Vitamin C Serum contains hyaluronic acid (HA), which plumps the skin by maximizing moisture retention. As HA also brightens skin and reduces dullness, regular application of this serum will give you radiant and renewed skin by morning.


The Vitamin C Serum also contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which stimulates elastin and collagen production. AHA acts as a mild exfoliant, sloughing off old, dead skin cells to reveal the newer skin cells hiding underneath.

With the skin more porous in the evenings, trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) is also higher. TEWL occurs when water passes from the dermis through the epidermis (the skin’s outermost layer) and evaporates on the skin’s surface. If not properly managed, TEWL can leave your skin severely dehydrated and dry by morning.


To safeguard against TEWL, you’ll need to seal your skin with a hydrating and nourishing moisturizer and oil. The Hibiscus Face Cream creates a protective barrier for your skin. Infused with potent antioxidants and skin-nourishing oils, this cream will seal all the ingredients layered below it, and will keep moisture locked in all night.


Add another layer of intense hydration and protection with the Herbal Facial Oil. Aside from locking in all the moisture and nourishing ingredients layered on top of it, this oil also reduces acne by giving your skin a healthy dose of high-quality oils, which prevents the overproduction of sebum (one of the main reasons why acne forms in the first place).


Choose the right skincare set and jumpstart your rejuvenation routine.



If you’re interested in a comprehensive, step-by-step layering skincare routine, then The Layering Care Set is right for you.


This set contains the following products:


  • Aloe Herb Face Wash 
  • Alcohol-Free Toning Mist 
  • Vitamin C Serum 
  • Hibiscus Face Cream 
  • Herbal Facial Oil 


The set is designed to renew the skin’s moisture and suppleness by addressing the signs of aging, sun damage, and environmental assault. Regular usage will leave your skin radiant, renewed, and blemish-free.


If you want to dive straight into the core products, then consider investing in The Essential Trio, which consists of the Vitamin C Serum, Hibiscus Face Cream, and Herbal Facial Oil.



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