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Beauty Sleep for a #WokeUpLikeThis Skin




It’s very common to hear people say “I need my beauty sleep” whenever there’s an important event that they need to prepare for. But do you know that beauty sleep is not just for special occasions? Our body and our skin need it more than we ever know and sometimes, we keep on complaining about not having a good skin despite all the skincare products that we slather on our face. The secret? Getting enough sleep to maintain good skin health aside from the good skincare products that you’re currently using. They compliment each other and it’s one of the basics that we normally neglect. 


Sleep is the perfect Anti Aging Regimen. When we sleep, our body has its own way of repairing itself. Getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep is recommended for our body to recover from fighting free radicals during the day. While you snooze, the skin produces more collagen which makes our skin look plumper when we wake up, making us look younger with a healthy glow. On the other hand, sleep deprivation makes the skin dry which makes fine lines more visible. 


Getting enough sleep reduces breakouts. Sleep deprivation affects the moisture level of our skin which makes it dry and dehydrated. Aside from making you look older, dry and dehydrated skin triggers acne breakouts because when your skin is dry, the pores are forced to secrete excessive sebum to regulate your skin’s moisture making your skin oily and more prone to breakouts. 



It makes your skincare products work efficiently. During the day, our skin is busy defending itself from the sun and harmful elements in the environment. When we sleep, our body is not on a “fighting” stage anymore and focuses on repairing itself making your skin benefit from all the skincare products that you applied before sleeping. 


Lesser Dark Under Eye and Puffy Eye. To be able to achieve this, when you sleep at night, try to elevate your head by simply adding an extra pillow to improve blood flow. Although dark under eye is mostly due to genetics, this helps prevent the pooling of blood in the under eye blood vessels making your dark circles less noticeable. Puffy eye is also caused by pooling of fluid so when you get enough sleep, it also becomes less. 

We know most of you love to stay up late to binge watch your favorite movie or series while some may have pulled an all-nighter to get their work done. Fret not because Wildleaf got your backs! Try our Anti Aging Duo which helps renew, repair, protect and tone your skin during those sleep deprived nights. Additional tip: You may place them inside the fridge for a more soothing effect. 

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