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A Comprehensive Skincare Gift Guide for the Whole Family

Looking for the perfect gifts to give this Christmas? Keep scrolling to read our comprehensive skincare gift guide!


The holidays are fast approaching, so it’s easy to get lost in trying to find the best gifts to give to our family members. Although new clothes, toys, gadgets, and more are typically chosen as go-to gifts, there’s always something about gifting skincare products that allow our loved ones to experience daily pampering sessions. The joy in seeing the confidence that they gain through feeling good in their skin is truly unmatched.

In this article, we give our top product recommendations to add to your Christmas shopping list!


FOR MOM: A revitalizing moisturizer to reveal their natural glow.

Our mothers deserve only the best pampering there is. In building a skincare routine, a good moisturizer is key as one of the final steps to the whole regimen. For women in the later part of their adulthood, focusing on keeping moisturized is a must as skin tends to become more dry as we age. Finding a product that also contains ingredients with antioxidant properties would be perfect to combat the signs of aging.

Our reco: Wildleaf’s Hibiscus Moisturizer

FOR DAD: Prevent ingrown hairs with a calming serum after shaving

Guys need skincare too! Ever notice how men get ingrown hair after shaving their facial hair? That’s due to the lack of a proper after-shave routine. Worse, those same ingrowns can also cause hyperpigmentation when roughly removed from the skin. 

Make sure to keep your dad’s shaving time enjoyable by giving him a serum to include in his post-shaving routine. Some ingredients to look for would be aloe vera for its soothing and antibacterial properties as well as Vitamin C to help fade scarring and discoloration caused by previous ingrowns.

Our reco: Wildleaf’s Vitamin C Serum

FOR THE YOUNGER SIBLING: Combat nasty acne scars with spot treatment

One of the top skincare concerns for teenagers will always be acne. Those pesky pimples can be a challenge to get rid of, so we’re sure your younger family members would be more than thankful when given the right spot treatment.

A popular “technique” in removing pimples is often to dry them out, but that often damages one’s skin barrier, leading to even more irritation. Instead, look for a treatment that includes grapeseed oil–a powerful noncomedogenic ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties as well as strengthens the skin’s barrier. 

Our reco: Wildleaf’s Spot Oil

FOR THE OLDER SIBLING: Keep skin hydrated during a stressful day.

When faced with a hectic day, it’s best to just allow yourself 5 minutes to step back and reset to be able to focus better. We’re sure your older sibling is as busy as ever, so gifting them with a facial mist that helps keep skin looking healthy throughout the day despite being stressed will be much appreciated. 

When overwhelmed, they can just spritz away! Not only will they feel refreshed on the outside, but they’ll also feel much calmer internally. A multitasker like your older sibling, paired with a multitasking product? That’s a perfect combination.

Our reco: Wildleaf’s Toner

Overall, giving out specific products tailored to each of your family members’ needs is great. But if you’re feeling a little extra, why not take it up a notch by giving them a whole set of products to cover each of the steps in their skincare routine?

If you’re looking for something like that, you’re in luck. Wildleaf is releasing its limited edition Christmas sets early this year on October 27, 2023. Stay tuned to Wildleaf’s social media accounts (@wildleafskincare) or to our website ( to grab first dibs on the sets!

Happy holiday shopping!

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