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Revitalizing Eye Care Set

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Women's Month Exclusive!

The Revitalizing Eye Care Set is designed to brighten and repair skin and help reduce signs of aging.

  • Aids in diminishing dark circles
  • Soothes, strengthens, and nourishes the fragile eye area
  • Provides an additional antioxidant boost
  • Restores and maintains the skin’s youthful appearance
  • Free of harmful chemicals

It is never too late to have Youthful Looking Skin with the Revitalizing Eye Care Set.

Revitalizing Eye Care Set contains the following products:

  • The Aloe Herb Face Wash 
  • Botanical Toner
  • Shoko Dual Active Serum
  • Infinity Eye Oil

The combination of Aloe Herb Face Wash and Botanical Toner cleanses the skin and prepares it for the oil.

Shoko Dual Active was designed to restore and maintain the skin’s youthful appearance. The elements of our peptide matrix work synergistically to diminish wrinkle depth and volume while reducing dark circles causing pigmentation.

Our Infinity Eye Oil combat signs of stress, fatigue, and dryness while diminishing dark circles with this sumptuous, skin-strengthening oil blend.

By applying Infinity Eye oil onto your eyes before sleeping, you’ll preserve your bright eyes that symbolize a youthful and vivacious spirit. 

Freebies: Make-up pad 

*Save up ₱300 when you grab this set.

If you have sensitive skin, it’s highly recommended to do a patch test first. Never put products on open wounds (ex: popped pimples.)

Feel free to send us a message anytime if you have questions.

Please refer to each individual product page for the ingredients list.

Available from March 1-31, 2023 only!


Natural & Organic Ingredients


No Harmful Chemicals


Free of GMOs


Never Tested on Animals

When using a new skincare product, especially those with active ingredients like Vitamin C Serum which you’ve never used before, introduce it slowly in the beginning to minimize the effect of skin purging. You can start with a small amount or use the new skincare product less frequently in the beginning, before ramping up its frequency of use.

Please read instructions carefully and send us a message anytime if you have questions and concerns. Thank you!