The Brightening Care Set

The Brightening Care Set


The Brightening Care Set contains the following products:


  • Aloe Herb Face Wash (100 ml)
  • Alcohol-Free Toning Mist (100 ml)
  • Vitamin C Serum (30 ml)
  • Hibiscus Face Cream (30 ml)



This complete step-by-step skincare routine is for those interested in minimizing the appearance of pores, acne scar marks, and pigmentation, while fighting the signs of ageing. The Brightening Care Set mildly exfoliates and evens out skin tone, while providing a healthy glow, making pock marks less noticeable.


The combination of Aloe Herb Face Wash and Alcohol-Free Toning Mist cleanses the skin and prepares it for the serum.


The Vitamin C Serum and Hibiscus Face Cream synergistically fights the oxidative stress that causes pigmented spots and wrinkles, and provides additional skin brightening antioxidants and moisture that firms the skin.



Directions for Use


Step 1: Gently wash face and neck with the Aloe Herb Face Wash.

Step 2: Lightly mist face and neck with the Witch Hazel Rosy Toner to tone skin and prepare it for the Vitamin C Serum.

Step 3: Generously apply Vitamin C Serum onto face and neck.

Step 4: Pump one to two pumps of the Hibiscus Face Cream into palm. Dab onto nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. Blend with gentle strokes.


For best results, use in the morning and evening.


If you have sensitive skin, it’s highly recommended to do a patch test first. Never put Vitamin C Serum on open wounds (ex: popped pimples.)


Feel free to send us a message anytime if you have questions.



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