Our Story

A Journey of Discovery

Wildleaf began its journey of helping people optimize their health with the release of its first two products, ReNu and Shatavari. ReNu was focused on providing a full spectrum antioxidant solution to help improve skin health, sleep, bowel movements and stress and Shatavari was aimed at providing support to the reproductive system.   After overwhelming positive response to these products, we decided to conduct an investigation into more products that would appeal to those Filipinos seeking other safe and natural options.

After extensive research, we uncovered the shocking realization about skin care products, that many brands use toxic ingredients in products while their customers are under the impression they are safe.   As it turns out, the skin naturally absorbs many of the products that we put on it with no way of filtering out harmful substances.  Unlike the digestive system, which has many various stages to process out toxins, the skin does not and many of the dangerous compounds in common skin care products gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

We made it our goal to provide a complete line of truly natural high-quality products that are toxic-free and USA manufactured.